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9 Year-Old Girl Dragged By Car of Pomona Driver

A 9 year-old girl was dragged under a car for a short distance by a female driver who was identified as Tanya Bernal, 24 years old. If not for a parked vehicle that she has smashed into her, Bernal wouldn’t have stopped moving her vehicle. This pedestrian injury incident happened on Friday, November 18, 2011 at around 3pm in Pomona.

According to reports, before even hitting the 9 year-old girl, Tanya Bernal struck an automobile near the intersection of Garey Avenue and Philips Boulevard and immediately fled the scene. When she sped away from the area, she managed to hit another vehicle which caused her car to be veered into the sidewalk where a lot of people were walking. The little girl was seen walking along that area and was dragged under the vehicle.
One witness said that people have rushed to save the little girl out of the car. Six men lifted the Honda Accord to free the little girl trapped beneath it. While this was happening, Bernal still attempted to run away from the scene. A lady grabbed Bernal’s keys as well as her phone which prevented her from running away. Luckily, the citizens were there to stop the driver as the she could have caused more pedestrian injury if she was not stopped from fleeing the area at that moment.
Meanwhile, the little girl was immediately brought to a Los Angeles hospital via an airlift, as a precautionary measure. Fortunately she only sustained minor injuries which were also treated in the hospital. She is recovering now and is expected to be okay in a couple of days.

As for the 24-year old Tanya Bernal who was involved in multiple hit and run collisions as well as pedestrian injury involving the 9-year old girl on that day, she was arrested by authorities with felony hit and run charges. It was also found out that she was driving without a license. She is now locked up inside a prison cell in Pomona with a bail of $50,000 dollars.