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Information and Documents to Collect After an Injury

It is important to collect any documents you have relating to your accident and injury and keep them in a folder or large envelope. Here’s a list of some of the documents and other pertinent information to take with you to your lawyer, if applicable to your case.


  1. Name and address of ambulance service
  2. Name and address of the emergency room where you were initially taken
  3. Dates you were admitted to the emergency room and the hospital
  4. Names and business address of all doctors who have examined you
  5. Names and addresses of chiropractors you have consulted
  6. Names of all people who were involved in the accident
  7. Insurance information of all people who caused the accident
  8. Names and addresses of witnesses to the accident
  9. Dates you missed work because of the accident
  10. Name and telephone number of each insurance adjustor you have talked to
  11. List of people you have talked to about the accident or your injuries
  12. Keep a diary of dates on which anything of importance takes place regarding your treatment, change of casts, or other unusual events regarding the effects of your injuries, including a recital of any and all pain and suffering you encounter on a daily basis


  1. Accident report (Police, Highway Patrol, etc.)
  2. Copies of any written statements
  3. Your automobile insurance policy if you were injured in a car accident along with the “declarations” page or “coverage certificate” that sets forth what kinds of coverage you have purchased and what the policy limits are
  4. Your homeowner’s or renter’s policy, along with the declarations page or coverage certificate
  5. Medical or disability insurance policy or coverage certificate
  6. Other policies, including major medical, hospitalization, veterans insurance
  7. All correspondence you have received from any insurer about the accident or your injuries
  8. Medical bills
  9. Take photos of your car or other property if it was damaged in the accident as soon as possible. Be sure to photograph any other machinery, instrumentalities, appliances, apparatus, or structures that may be connected, either directly or indirectly with your accident, and bring these matters to our attention.
  10. If your injuries are such that they would show up in a photograph, please arrange for a friend or relative to take several photographs of each injury
  11. Receipts for things you have had to buy because of your injury
  12. Receipts for things you have had to fix because of the accident