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Woman’s Wrongful Death After Weight Loss Surgery

A woman from Orange County has died after the weight-loss procedure, was performed on her on an outpatient clinic at West Hills, Orange County. It has been reported that this is the fifth death that is associated with the advertising campaign as stated by interviews and coroner’s records.

A Los Angeles Wrongful Death Attorney May Be Needed
The woman identified as Paula Rojeski, 55 years old, was reportedly rushed to the hospital from Valley Surgical Center by paramedics. She was later pronounced dead by the Los Angeles County Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter. Although autopsy reports were not yet revealed on how she died, speculations would rise that this is a wrongful death. Apparently, Rojeski was not the first casualty of the said clinic. Tamara Walter, aged 52, died at the clinic after undergoing the same procedure last December. Her autopsy results showed that “suboptimal care” was the cause of death as per the L.A. County Coroner’s office.