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Pete Davidson Involved in Car Crash After Comedy Show Amid Ongoing Reckless Driving Issue

Comedian Pete Davidson, known for his work on “Saturday Night Live” and in films like “The King of Staten Island,” found himself in yet another car-related incident. On Saturday night, while leaving his stand-up comedy show at The Wiltern in Los Angeles, Davidson’s SUV collided with a wall, raising concerns about his recent reckless driving charge.

The incident occurred as Davidson departed from an afterparty following his comedy performance. Witnesses observed the comedian swiping his car against the side of a wall while exiting the venue around 10 p.m. Photos taken at the scene show Davidson in the driver’s seat of a black GMC SUV, accompanied by a passenger in the front seat and three others in the back. Notably, the images revealed scrape marks running from the back door to the beginning of the rear wheel on one side of the vehicle.

In one of the photos, Davidson, 29, was seen holding what appeared to be a cigarette in his hand while behind the wheel. At certain moments, he attempted to shield his face from paparazzi flashes by raising one hand. The identities of the four other passengers remain unclear, but notably absent was rumored fling Madelyn Cline, who had attended Davidson’s previous show in Las Vegas.

Unfortunately, this isn’t Davidson’s first encounter with car accidents. Earlier in March, he and then-girlfriend Chase Sui Wonders were involved in a crash when Davidson lost control of his vehicle after striking a fire hydrant while allegedly traveling at a high speed. The collision resulted in the car impacting a residential home, although airbags deployed, and no injuries were reported.

Davidson’s recent collision comes in the wake of his entry into an 18-month diversion program in July, following a reckless driving charge. This diversion program mandated 50 hours of community service and specific conditions to prevent a criminal offense from appearing on his record. Davidson’s latest incident raises questions about his ongoing issues with reckless driving and the need for responsible conduct on the road.

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