Pedestrian Fatalities Continue to Rise over 2-Year Period

It’s a cool brisk afternoon and a stroll around the neighborhood is the perfect way to unwind from your long work day.  You walk down the sidewalk shedding the worries of the day humming to the music thumping in your ears.  The air caresses your face and the crunching of leaves surround you with every [...]

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Drowsy Driving Causes 328,000 Crashes Annually

Each year, 6 percent of crashes are caused by drowsy driving. That makes up approximately 328,000 crashes, including 109,000 crashes with injuries and 6,400 fatalities. Drowsy driving doesn't just cause thousands of deaths, it's responsible for billions in societal costs annually. That includes the cost of emergency services, insurance administration, medical and legal services, and [...]

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Makkabi Law Group, APC Settles Auto Accident Case for $6,200,000

CASE NAME:  Auto v. Auto Driving Under the Influence (Confidential) AMOUNT:  $6,200,000 FACTS: On Nov. 6, 2015, plaintiffs were driving on State Route 85 when defendant was driving the wrong way on State Route 85 and crashed head-on into plaintiffs' vehicle. Prior to said accident, defendant drank several shots of vodka, was under the influence [...]

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Makkabi Law Group, APC Settles Product Liability Case for $5,800,000

Case Name: Plaintiffs Automobile Driver and Passengers v. Plaintiff's Automobile Manufacturer and Defendant Automobile Driver (Confidential) Amount: $5,800,000 Facts: On October 6, 2013, at approximately 2:00 a.m., plaintiff was driving a vehicle northbound in the City of Los Angeles. Also in the vehicle were 3 other plaintiffs. The plaintiffs were on their way to the [...]

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Makkabi Law Group, APC Settles Complex Case for $1,000,000

Settlement Amount:  $1,000,000       Facts: Plaintiff was involved in a freeway accident and sustained spinal personal injuries that required epidural injections.  Approximately a year and three months after the motor vehicle accident, Plaintiff receives a Kenalog lumbar epidural injections and subsequently had a severe hemorrhage to his left cerebral hemisphere that changed his [...]

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Plaintiff Attorney, David F. Makkabi Esq., Settles Case, Legal Heirs v. Homeowners, for $500,000

Legal Heirs v. Homeowners January 18, 2014 Facts: Prior to incident, defendant homeowners had actual knowledge that their son used dangerous narcotics. On January 18, 2014, homeowners had 20-year-old decedent sleep at their property. On this date, homeowner's son used crystal meth with decedent, causing Decedent to subsequently lose consciousness. Thereafter, homeowner's son called 911, [...]

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10 Hurt, 1 Critical After Vehicle Crashed Into Little Caesars

August 18, 2014 On Van Nuys Boulevard, a car smashed into the glass storefront of Little Caesars. Around 6 p.m. on August 18th, a white Toyota Rav4 injured 10 people when it rammed through the front window of the restaurant. Seven out of the ten victims were adults, who sustained minor injuries. The other three [...]

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Girl Killed, 14 Injured In Chain Reaction Crash On 60 Freeway

August 14, 2014 A shocking collision occurred on the morning of August 14th involving 11 vehicles. A milk transporting tanker was unable to decelerate for immobile traffic while traveling westbound on the 60 Freeway. The semi truck lost control, causing his vehicle to hurdle over the center divider and commence a chain reaction of collisions [...]

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4 Injured In WeHo After Assault, Hit-and-Run

August 7, 2014 In West Hollywood at approximately 2 in the morning, four people were injured outside of a parking structure. Near Robertson Boulevard and El Tovar Place, a small party of females, in their 20s, were provoking a man who was intoxicated. Lieutenant Michael White reported that, "He ended up assaulting them with his [...]

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One Dead After Plane Crashes into Busy Costco Parking Lot Near San Diego

July 30, 2014 In a tragic accident on July 30th, an 80 year old female passed away and another was injured due to a plane that fell into a Costco parking lot. Around 5:30 p.m., authorities rushed to the Costco and Target parking lot after a call of a Mooney M20 had smashed at the [...]

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